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Highest Self Podcast®

Nov 15, 2022

Navigating friendships as an adult on your spiritual journey has an array of challenges. There are a million books and talks out there on navigating romantic relationships with your partner, but we never are handed a guide on how to have a thriving, healthy friendship as an adult!

In this episode I sit down with Danielle Bayard Jackson aka @thefriendshipexpert and dive deep into all of the unspoken aspects of platonic relationships.

We discuss the conflicts of friendships, the questions to ask before discarding a friendship, the fantasy of platonic relationships, the unspoked obligation of history + loyalty, and why women measure against each other. Danielle shares her advice on how to elevate and nurture thriving friendships that are conducive to your growth, how to redesign your friendship algorithm, her top ways to make (or re-make) new friends, and more.

If you are struggling with finding aligned friendships, this episode is the advice and encouragement that you have been looking for! Join us in this heart-felt conversation that is sure to bring you reassurance, inspiration, and a new perspective on cultivating your community.

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