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Highest Self Podcast®

Nov 7, 2023

I’ve realized that life is a continuum and we are never truly “on the other side” living our happily ever after. There will always be a constant becoming and unbecoming happening simultaneously. The moment you achieve a desire, a new desire is born. 


Life is truly about honoring your desires and seeing them as sacred. Because it is in the journey of pursuing what you want that you discover your dharma, your soul’s purpose. And by doing so you remind others that they too can step into their own calling. 


I am back again with my bestie, Rosie Acosta, for our monthly Highest Self Podcast episode to dive into what it means to be in that “in-between” era and how to pivot from a place of ease and peace. 


In this week’s episode, Rosie and I talk about…

  • Transitions that we have both struggled with and worked through

  • How to know when you’re IN the in-between

  • Different types of transitions you may have experienced or will experience

  • Why humans dislike uncertainty 

  • How to release expectations about the future

  • The power of honoring your desires

  • What the entrepreneurial path looks like

  • Overcoming imposter syndrome and how to believe in your abilities

  • Releasing expectations around relationships

  • Why most people aren’t living to their fullest potential

  • And so so much more!


I hope this episode is the permission slip you need to welcome your next transition period with open arms. Life is filled with unknowns and that is what makes it both beautiful and challenging – both of which are things you need in order to transform into your Highest Self.


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