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Highest Self Podcast®

Feb 6, 2024

In our recent exploration on the Highest Self Podcast, I had the joy of sharing cosmic insights with Mia Magik, an enchanting author and one of my dearest friends.


Our conversation unfolded the sacred journey of choosing safety, dancing with the elements, and mirroring their balance in our emotions. Let's listen for the whispers that hold the keys to profound transformation.


Together, we navigated the cosmic tapestry, exploring manifesting, navigating relationships, achieving success, and embodying the multifaceted cosmic archetype within. We delved into the magic concealed in the shadows, inviting us to courageously bring our authentic selves into the light.


In this enchanting episode, Mia and I embark on:

  • A magical exploration of the cosmic realms and the profound wisdom that lies within.

  • Utilizing nature to connect with intuition and release trauma.

  • Recognizing transformative magic in the darkest places.

  • Navigating manifesting, relationships, success, and embodying cosmic archetypes.

  • Delve into the concept of witch wounds and their profound impact on our lives

  • Sharpen your senses to listen for cosmic whispers that guide transformative journeys.


Tune in to the latest episode and share your reflections. Your unique insights illuminate our shared journey.


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