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Highest Self Podcast®

Sep 29, 2018

I kind of want to make this caption blank to really drive home what I’m talking about in this episode. This is what we need more of. W h i t e s p a c e. Time to think, breathe, move, reevaluate.

I also share how seated meditation is NOT for everyone and why some of us just can’t seem to do it (hint: it’s because...

Sep 26, 2018

Seasonal eating, digestive fire, dual Doshas.. we cover it all in this comprehensive episode all about Ayurvedic Nutrition!

Dr. Douillard is the author of Three Season Diet, which is one of my favorite to understand how important seasonal eating is.. which he would argue is even more important than Doshic.


Sep 23, 2018

I had this thought. When everything is going great in life.. why do we find that cloud in the sky? This is one of those episodes where I’m just speaking straight from the heart, as a dear sister on this journey, dealing with the exact same struggles you are.

Here’s what helps me stay in a good mood.

Be part of a...

Sep 21, 2018

We have Luke Storey back for part two of his amazing journey—and where he’s at now, 20 years sober!

He is now extremely passionate about health + lifestyle, particularly the modern phenomenon known as “biohacking.”

He explains what biohacking means, the tools and gadgets he uses and we geek out over choosing the...

Sep 18, 2018

If you/ anyone you love has battled with addiction, listen to this episode. Luke Storey suffered from an alcohol, cocaine, heroine and crack addiction for most of his youth. This left him vulnerable, depressed, anxious and lost on his path.

However, through meditation and healthy lifestyle, he has now overcome...